Mainframe software and hardware upgrades - IBM Z-series and System z9


IT professionals working in, or looking to work in, the IBM Mainframe environment. IT directors and Company directors looking to maximise profits from their IBM Mainframe strategy, hardware, and software. The site focuses on IBM System z9 and IBM ® 800/890/900/990.

Making the most from your IBM Mainframe investment is essential. Times change and the mainframe is still around. Decisions should not be based on IBM's advice alone. It is essential that independent opinions on Mainframe upgrades are considered before spending the large sums of money involved. You will find here highly focused information the should help you make the most profitable decisions.


Now is a very exciting time for Mainframe Enterprise strategists and IT architects; the rise of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) fuelled by the need for intelligent Business Integration and technical virtualisation is putting the mainframe back in the heart of things, where it belongs. Our strategy section will provide sound independent mainframe strategic advice, information and important links, with a the focus firmly on rescuing ourselves from the complex multi-tiered environments we are lumbered with today.

To back this Mainframe Strategy you will need a clear understanding of your IBM Mainframe upgrade options. In our hardware section we look at the exciting options open to those looking to make the most of their mainframe, including Hipersockets, zIIP, zAAP and IFLs. In our software section we look at IBM mainframe software issues, such as COBOL legacy. The mainframe is turning into the mother of all servers and you have to get the security you love and the power you need. IBM are coming up with new Mainframe Hardware and Software all the time and we will keep you up to date. Our mainframe software directory offers the most comprehensive listing of software resources available for the mainframe. If your company produces software for mainframes please send us the details so that we can add it to the directory.

You will find all the top mainframe sites here as well as links to key articles, IBM information and white papers.