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Output Management
The LibertySoft™ document composition and distribution system is a multi-platform tool that enables you to create customized, graphically enhanced documents from your existing application output data, and use them on any platform as digital documents for printing, faxing, e-mailing and archiving.

Performance Management
PILOT™ products are designed for overall performance tuning and capacity planning. The product components consist of PILOT/CICS, PILOT/MVS and PILOT/SMF. PILOT/SMF is available as a stand-alone product.

Application Analysis, Change Management
RefWiz® is a powerful analysis and documentation tool that provides, in one place, comprehensive data about application element interrelationships for mainframe batch and CICS applications, including whether or not the element is being used. This information is available for immediate access in a variety of standard or customized forms to suit your specific needs. RefWiz is used for conversions, upgrades, audits, migrations, daily maintenance, documentation, mergers, operations management (including failure analysis), disaster recovery, change scope analysis, and much more.

Output Management, CICS
ROPES™ (Remote Online Print Executive System) is a comprehensive CICS print manager for IBM mainframe-based systems. ROPES provides complete facilities for generating, retrieving, browsing, distributing and printing reports from online transactions, batch jobs, or the operating system spool. Its versatile set of capabilities allows you to place report data on the ROPES queue concurrent with online printing operations. A comprehensive command structure allows any authorized terminal operator to effectively control ROPES, eliminating the need for dedicated control terminals.

DASD/Dataset Management, DB2
The SPI-TAB+™ table management system provides one simple product that will manage your tables using the same standards for all applications, eliminating the need to write programs for this process. SPI-TAB+ lets you quickly and easily update, customize and maintain your tables, and get your new applications on line faster, with less effort. Plus, the same tool can be used on line or in batch. With SPI-TAB+, you can easily create tables that are controllable, centralized, secure, and adaptable to your needs. SPI-TAB+ is the ideal solution for performing your recurring data processing tasks such as test data creation, applications prototyping, or other simple applications.

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