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Datakinetics Limited Mainframe Software

Resource Management
AutoSoftCapping (ASC) is a systems management solution for IBM z System Mainframes that optimizes system performance while controlling Workload License Charges (WLC). It allows control of workload license charges by dynamically modifying the LPARs defined capacity limits taking into account the behavior and needs of all system LPARs.

QA management
DB/IQ is a suite of sophisticated tools that offer automated quality control of applications software, helping to reduce costs and optimize programs, resulting in a higher standard of performance. DB/IQ automation implements a systematic approach and a proven methodology to the application development process.

Data Manipulation
SQData is a versatile toolset that provides data optimization and integration solutions such as data replication, changed data capture enhancement for ETL, virtual application integration and much more. Ideal for organizations with a need to move and access enterprise data that is contained in multiple databases on multiple platforms in multiple data formats.

Batch Management
tableBASE is a mainframe high-performance in-memory solution that can solve batch processing, throughput capacity, resource usage, mobile traffic, rules processing and other challenges organizations face with their mainframe systems, applications, processes and databases. It accelerates existing DB2 applications by as much as 90% - using up to 65% less CPU, and up to 80% less I/O. It improves mainframe application performance, makes mainframe DB2 data more accessible and available, reduces mainframe resource usage, and helps to reduce operational expense and to better manage capital expense.

VTS Edge is a high-performance, high-fidelity mainframe integration, a complete web services integration solution for IBM z Systems. Enterprises use VTS Edge to do more with their mainframe - extend data access to many more employees and customers, transform and present legacy applications through rich Web interfaces for today's user, and integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed - from BPM, CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems to the latest SOA or cloud.

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