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Macro 4
AutoPager for the System i makes unattended operations possible, enabling messages to be monitored and for staff to be paged when they are out of the office.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Sysplex
IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE for Sysplex is a comprehensive solution for monitoring MVS systems within a Sysplex. It extends the portfolio of IBM Tivoli's z/OS® and OS/390® systems management software to the Parallel Sysplex® environment, offering powerfully integrated enterprise-wide performance and availability management.

Cue-Metamon, LLC
You can see everything that is happening without interfering with the program as it runs. You can't change the logic path of a program with it. You can't stop a program with it. You can't edit data with it. No APF-authorization required. Provides safe, reliable, transparent diagnosis and audit of production programs in the production environment

UCCF®/Server for z/OS
UNICOM Systems
UCCF/Server boosts confidence and productivity by helping data center personnel find swift solutions to availability problems. It conserves your most precious commodity time. Cutbacks have been made throughout the industry and many facilities now have fewer individuals to diagnose and correct the same amount of problems occurring within the system. These people need tools to increase their efficiency and speed the corrective process. AUTOMON/LA provides a means to quickly compile information useful for both problem determination and performance tuning. Statistical analysis provided in the synopsis reports gives the frequency that these problems occur. Higher priority may then be given to the problems which will yield the best returns in system performance.

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